Rip Off Britain (a BBC programme) episode 7 2019 brought home to us why you really should know who is picking up and walking your dog. The programme featured a so-called professional dog walker mistreating a dog in her care. For most of the dog walkers/trainers/owners, I know this made for uncomfortable viewing.

Unfortunately, anyone can set up as a dog walker or dog trainer without qualifications, being registered, insured or having any experience of dogs. The dog walking industry is unregistered and therefore open to anyone setting up.

We mention this time and time again that just because a walker or dog trainer has been operating for a number of years they know or understand what they are doing. They may have been doing it badly for many years.

In a recent report:

1 was caught on camera mistreating a dog.
1 was walking 15 dogs on their own.
Several didn’t have safe transport and dogs were loose in vans or cars.
A number had no basic experience in dog behaviour, qualifications or body language knowledge
Questionable insurance.

The moral of the (tail) is to be very careful who you employ to care for your dog. Do your research on their credentials, how many dogs they walk, check the insurance (including keys and transport) check reviews and transport.

We have compiled an extensive FAQ page which may help you decide on your pet carer which can be found here