Our Adventure Playground

We have our own private, secure 7-acre adventure field offering an enriching environment for the dogs to play, explore, run around, sniff and relax in.

We provide the care when you can’t be there

We don’t class ourselves as a dog daycare centre. We are simply (and it’s a whole lot more fun) an adventure play park for your dog to enjoy.

Dogs need activity and mental stimulation or they get bored which can lead to depression or destructive behaviours. Being natural scavengers they will often mooch around all day looking for food. We use this to encourage them to use their brains to problem solve. This keeps them happy and enriches the environment for them.

Our adventure field offers a day full of care, activity, cuddles, treats, and enrichment. It allows us to create a perfect programme of activities and adventures for the dogs throughout the day.

The key benefits of mental enrichment for dogs are:

✓ mentally and physically tiring
✓ reduced worry and fear
✓ decreased reactivity to stressors
✓ improved memory
✓ reduction in compulsive behaviours
✓ improved learning
✓ slows cognitive decline
✓ creates balanced, happy members of the            family

Our Adventure Field

Seven acres of fun and games in our own private field. Our Adventure Field is all about play, fun, socialisation and relaxing in a safe, well managed and secure environment.

Not every dog wants to run around zooming all day. Some just like to chill and rest.

Our dog adventure field gives the opportunity for a range of activities and is suitable for play or rest before or after a walk, or in many cases more than enough on its own.


Barkour Playground

complete with apparatus made from tyres, trailers, planks, ramps and trampolines. We have lots of frames, pallets, high and low-rise walkways, tree stumps, a trampoline, tyres, hillocks, sand pits and toys for the gang to play with, clamber over, walk along or generally cause chaos on. They also like to chill around under or on top of the equipment was madness has subsided. The dogs love the Barkour area,  it is a great way to exercise both physically and mentally for them.

It’s like Doggy daycare on steroids!



Water Fun

Dogs love our swimming pool, especially when the sun is out or just if they are a natural water baby.  We also break out the sprinkler, hose pipe and bubble machine for extra fun.

The only water feature we don’t like, although a lot of the dogs do….. is the rain! 


Secure Area

Seven acres of secure fencing. Our fencing meets “The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018” higher requirement.

We also have a three-gate entry system to stop the most determined peskies from trying to escape.


Friendly Members Only

To become a member of The Dog Bus gang we have a strict entrance criterion which involves an assessment from one of our qualified staff.  Only friendly, well-socialised dogs, are welcome to join us in the adventure field and ideally will be with us at least one day a week.

Regular visits ensure your dog will get to know all our Dog Bus gang members and therefore everyone is familiar and friendly with each other. It also allows our hooman team members to really get to know your dog and to bond with them!



Although we are great believers in socialising pups as early as you can, we also appreciate that the world can be a big scary place for them.

So we have sectioned off a pup introduction area in our field so they can get to know the hoomans and the other Dog Bus gang members without being mobbed by everyone coming over to say hello.

This is also a great place for new dogs who may be a little nervous at first. It gives them chance to find their paws and get to know the hoomans 

Some dogs (of any size) just like to chill and rest so our pup and placid section gives allows them the opportunity to do this.


Scent and Enrichment Games

Scent, search and scatter games provide mental stimulation and reduce many problems such as anxiety and stress.

It utilises the dog’s senses and grazing for food makes almost any environment feel safer and interesting.

The guys love it when we scatter the food, hide treats or get the puzzle toys out.


Training is fun – fun is training

As. part of the day we undertake basic or positive reinforcement training and we make it fun. Sit, stays, waits, recall, paw to name a few. Plus we do Barkour, hoopers training. 

Of course if you need training outside of the day, let us know. 


Training Area

We have sectioned off part of the field for specific training. Apart from your everyday training needs, we have built a dog parkour training area, dog hoopers area and agility training area.

We are also looking to introduce scent training in the future.

Sensory Garden

We have created a sensory garden for the dogs to enjoy and sniff. The sensory garden is planted with plants and herbs aimed to reduces stress and anxiety thus encouraging them to become more secure in their surroundings. The garden provides additional stimulation and enrichment and is created to give off different smells, textures and sounds so that all the dog’s senses are engaged.

In the garden we have; Catnip, Chamomile, Clary sage, Hops, Lavender, Marigolds, Marshmallow, Meadowsweet, Mimulus: Mint, Plantain, Thyme, Valerian, Vervain, Violets and Yarrow.

Check out our blog post for further information on the benefits of these plants and herbs for dogs by Clicking Here


Digging Tyres

Our Sand Tyres

Many dogs just love to dig! It is a naturally rewarding activity to them despite the frustration you may have as you see your garden or plant bed get shredded.

They are simply hardwired for this behavior,  some breeds dig to make indentations big enough to lie in, others like Terriers who have been bred to hunt rodents, are natural diggers, some dig simply for the fun it.

So we have filled two large tractor tyres with sand and oh boy do the gang love to dig in them (it also saves them digging up the field)!

We use the tyre pits with training commands such as “digging pit” to develop a cue word that has a positive association with it by hiding treats in the pit for them to sniff and dig out.

Please excuse any sandy beards the guys may come home with!


Home From Home

Our Stable/Barn

When we took on our field we were lucky to inherit a large stable/barn building. The problem being it came without any walls at either end! It did, however, have a roof, one long wall to the side, and a floor.

So after a bit of tweaking, hammering and drilling it is now is fully walled, glazed, insulated, has heating and a new floor.

Because we worked very hard, the dogs said the hoomans can have a kettle; so we have one of those as well ?

By November 2019 we should also have large converted caravan for extra shelter.


Open Crate Policy

Open Crate Policy

We do not forcibly crate dogs for any reason.

Crates should be a positive experience for a dog, not a cage. Associate a crate with a bad experience in a daycare centre and you poison the crate at home!

We provide crates for the guys to come, rest and go as they want. The door is always left open. We also have beds and baskets for the guys to crash out on.

Our only exception to closing a crate door is to rest our pups. However, we do this using only very positive association, so that the pups are not over-exercised.

Want to know more? Visit our FAQ page or send us a message.

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