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Feel free to compare our prices and services with other local day care centres.

Simple straightforward pricing

Our prices include an off-site walk which many dog daycare centres do not offer as part of their package!

Avoid extra charges added for picking your dog up and dropping them off. 

Our pick up and drop off service avoids you having to find the time and incur the cost of dropping and picking up your dog yourself. Plus no more worrying about penalty fees if you are running late.

We can also offer a subscription-based pricing option depending on how many days a week you would like.

Try our Mix and Match Service.

Want to mix up your dog walking services between dog walking and daycare throughout the week?
If you want to alternate the week between 1 or 1.5-hour walks and a half or full-day dog care then drop us a message with your requirements

Need to know more…… drop us a message!

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The prices shown are inclusive of VAT and a discretionary service tip. If you would like a breakdown of the discretionary service tip amount we will discuss this during your free consulatation. It is important to note the service tip element is freely given by the customer in appreciation of our service levels and is not a compulsory fee. VAT no 279 1009 94

The dog bus offers a completely reliable and professional service and I am totally relaxed knowing my house keys are in safe hands. Dexter has been part of the ‘gang’ since a puppy and John’s training knowledge was an absolute bonus as he improved Dexters recall 100% in the first few weeks. Dexter has always enjoyed his days out and he’s absolutely exhausted when he arrives home.

John and the team are really flexible, even when I text asking if they can accommodate Dexter last minute! I would highly recommend the dog bus to anyone looking for a dog walker or home boarding – it’s great to know your pet is in the safe hands of someone who loves dogs, even if yours can be a bit excitable!

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