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Our inclusive pickup and drop off service avoids you having to find the time and incur the cost of dropping and picking up your dog yourself. Plus no more worrying about penalty fees if you are running late.

Our aim is to provide the best daycare operation in the area. Our emphasis is on the outdoors and not an indoor building. We understand the cost of doggy daycare can be expensive but strongly believe that you get what you pay for and that your dog should get the maximum out of the day. 

We understand that you will probably compare our prices with other dog-related daycare or walking services, but it is important to do so on a like-to-like basis. For example, we have seven acres of secure field with grass, play areas, various enrichment zones. We have shade, a barn and a large poly tunnel for shelter, a pool, a pup and a placid area. 

Most dog daycares have zero or limited outdoor space that often consists of gravel or concrete. In our field, the guys can let off steam, play, chase, explore or relax at their heart’s content.  On our Adventure Walks….. well they are adventures! 

The gang gets a whole lot more exercise than they likely do in an indoor environment and we believe the mental stimulation of being where they should be, outdoors, is extremely tiring for them.

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Select your location to find out our pick up and drop times.

Adventure Field – Half-Day Prices

Includes pick up and drop off and 3 hours of play

Adventure Field – Full-Day Prices

Includes pick up and drop off and 6 hours of play

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The prices shown are inclusive of VAT and a discretionary service tip. If you would like a breakdown of the discretionary service tip amount we will discuss this during your free consulatation. It is important to note the service tip element is freely given by the customer in appreciation of our service levels and is not a compulsory fee. VAT no 279 1009 94

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