As local dog walkers, we are out and about most of the day picking up and dropping off pooches, therefore we hold keys for a number of clients.

All our client keys are kept securely and without identification. At no time do we put a tag with your address and pet name(s) on them. Keys are kept on us while walking and never left in a vehicle while at any time< If you ever lock yourself out or worse lose your keys then simply give us a call. If we are in the area at the time, we can quickly pop round and let you in.

If we are not in the area we are still happy to come over and let you in albeit we will need to charge a small (considerably less than a locksmith) fee for this service.

We will only let in (or hand over keys) to authorised members who are on your designated list and upon proof of ID. This may appear inconvenient but not as much if we handed over to a burglar.

Unlike a number of dog daycare centres which may involve you having to drop off or of pick up your dog, the great advantage of us holding keys is we do all the hard work for you. No having to get up early to drop off to our dog daycare depot or having to come and pick them up from our dog daycare centre at the end of a hard day at work.

So…. if you are looking for local dog walkers or dog daycare Altrincham, Bowden, Lymm, Hale, and surrounding areas let us know, we are happy to come and see you. You can call us on 07525 812187 or email us via our contact page