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We are still creating and editing our blog page. More to come soon.

Yet another reason to know your local dog walker

Rip Off Britain (a BBC programme) episode 7 2019 brought home to us why you really should know who is picking up and walking your dog. The programme featured a so-called professional dog walker mistreating a dog in her care. For most of the dog...

Worth it or not?

Is a dog walker, dog daycare or dog trainer worth the money they charge? When you hire a dog trainer or put your dog out with a dog walker or in a dog daycare centre it is much more than their time you are buying. So please take time to consider the following if you...

Dog Beneficial Scented Plants and Herbs

We have planted in our sensory garden the following plants and herbs which aim to reduce stress and anxiety and provides additional stimulation. Catnip: not just for cats! This has relaxation properties and stimulates playfulness in dogs Chamomile: dogs suffering from...

Beware of who you choose to look after your dog!

We are grateful for this post which was shared on a facebook page we follow. It came from Dundee based "Bounce n Bound" who are dog walkers and dog daycare providers (not the one mentioned below). We have removed the names and abbreviated the post but the key points...

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Dog Walkers and Transport

We frequently see dog walkers transporting dogs in the back of cars or small vans without adequate crating or restraints. We have witnessed vans with 5/6 dogs in the back of vans with no restraints at all. Now that would be interesting in corners, having to break...

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Key holding

Key holding

As local dog walkers, we are out and about most of the day picking up and dropping off pooches, therefore we hold keys for a number of clients. All our client keys are kept securely and without identification. At no time do we put a tag with your address and pet...

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The dog bus offers a completely reliable and professional service and I am totally relaxed knowing my house keys are in safe hands. Dexter has been part of the ‘gang’ since a puppy and John’s training knowledge was an absolute bonus as he improved Dexters recall 100% in the first few weeks. Dexter has always enjoyed his days out and he’s absolutely exhausted when he arrives home.

John and the team are really flexible, even when I text asking if they can accommodate Dexter last minute! I would highly recommend the dog bus to anyone looking for a dog walker or home boarding – it’s great to know your pet is in the safe hands of someone who loves dogs, even if yours can be a bit excitable!

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