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On the other end of the lead!

How it all started.

Professionally walking dogs since 2014

The Dog Bus was founded on the back of Dog Pawfect. We ran Dog Pawfect doing the same as most other dog walkers do, one hour dog walks.

However, we strived to do something different and researched what other pet sitting, dog walking and doggy daycare facilities were around and what they were offering.

We also put ourselves in the client’s seat and looked at what we would want for our own dogs. One hour walks are good and get the dogs out of the house, dog daycare keeps them out longer but most are warehouse based, so we came up with the idea of mixing the two and hence the Dog Bus was formed. From 2014 onwards we have grown from strength to strength and now have a team of experienced staff working with us.

We work to IMDT (institute of modern dog trainers) standards and have developed our training and walking procedures around their ethos.  John is an accredited dog trainer with the IMDT. Back this up with our team’s background in management, Q.A, systems, auditing, customer focus, animal welfare and a massive desire and willingness to continue to learn, train and develop then you can rest assured your dog is in safe hands.

Our Commitment

We are totally committed to our job and to the dogs. We always ensure the atmosphere is fun, safe, social and suitable for all our dogs; big, small, young or old. We never cheat on time and try and sneak your dog home early nor will we transport them unsafely! Where you need help with training, it is done via positive reinforcement and rewards.

With years of experience behind us as dog owners, dog walking and caring for pets, we run The Dog Bus more as a passion than a business. We don’t just look after dogs, we get to know each dog individually and create a care plan for them helping to build a relationship with that dog. Relationships build trust and confidence in the dog.

We carefully select who we take on board The Dog Bus to ensure your beloved is not being walked with dogs who have aggression problems. 

We take the time to get to know every single dog and share our attention equally among them all. Yes the Dog Bus is a dog walking and adventure field business, but rest assured it is business with a passion. If you haven’t read our testimonials yet you can find them by clicking the button below

Meet The Hooman’s

Get to know our team

John Pearson MSc

Owner & Chief Dogsbody

Animal lover, Dog owner, dog lover, dog walker, dog daycare owner and qualified IMDT dog trainer.

John started dog walking in 2014 after being a company director in the FMCG industry for many years beforehand.

He swapped the desk for a park and has never looked back. A pet owner for most of his life, having had a variety of dogs and cats he brings a natural calm around the dogs. 

He fully understands customer service and the need to offer excellent service levels and reliability alongside stringent safety levels throughout all aspects of the business.

He strongly believes, along with the rest of the team, that any dog that spends the day at the Dog Bus enjoys it and goes home happy. 

Julie Newland

Owner & Chief Organiser

Also an animal lover, dog owner, dog lover, dog walker and dog daycare owner

Julie’s background is in nursing. working throughout the NHS and then into local GP practices. Julie has also had a number of pets throughout her life and brings to the business a solid medical background with a high level of customer care focus.

She left her last practice, swapping her desk for the outdoors to enjoy working with dogs and has also never looked back.  

Julie writes a care plan for each dog so the team fully understands the needs of each individual dog and the best way to enrich their day. 

Anna Newland BA


Animal lover and dog lover, cat owner, dog walker and dog daycare supervisor.

Anna joined the team part-time whilst undertaking a degree in politics at Leeds Uni. After graduating, she enjoyed her time with us so much she joined us full time.

Helping organise the day and plan the routes and the walks, she is a valued member of the team.

Anna controls the paperwork needed so that we meet and implement the requirements of the Animal Welfare Legislation Act 2018.

And of course, the dogs all love her.

John Cunliffe

Dog Walker and Daycare Assistant

John’s appreciation of the outdoors and his love for dogs stems from his 13 year stint in Colorado roaming the terrain of the beautiful Rocky Mountains whilst attaining his degree in Exercise Science. During his travels he acquired the companionship of a number of dogs who lived and travelled with him. The Dog Bus gang all love him as he chases around the field like one of them.

John is our trial finder for our adventure walking service dogs days out.

Sarah Smith

Dog Walker and Daycare Assistant

Dog owner, dog lover, dog walker and dog daycare assistant.

Sarah joined the team in early 2016 and is natural with the dogs. She has her own Whippet who she loves and adores and brings that same love for dogs to the Dog Bus gang.

Very calm and constantly vigilant she is a great person to have with us.

Mike Shepherd

Dog Walker and Daycare Assistant

Dog walker, previous dog owner and lover and dog daycare assistant.

Mike joined us in 2017, never having worked with dogs he soon found his feet. 

Another natural with the dogs. His focus is on keeping them safe and the welfare of each one. A key member of our team.

Jake Naylor

Dog Walker and Daycare Assistant

Quadruple dog owner, dog walker and dog daycare assistant.

Jake joined us in 2018 having spent many years with other local dog daycare centres. 

He loved our concept and the fact the dogs weren’t penned or crated for a large period of the day but had the freedom to play outside and go on walks. 

Jake is a real natural with the dogs and brings real calm to any situation. 

Becky Hart

Dog Walker and Daycare Assistant

Double dog owner, dog walker and dog daycare assistant.

Becky joined us in 2019 also having spent many years in a front of house role with another local dog daycare centre. 

Like Jake, Becky loved our concept and jumped ship to enjoy the outdoors and the freedom the dogs have with us against being in a warehouse all day. 

Becky comes with lots of experience and is constantly striving to learn more. 

Andy Swindells

Dog Walker and Daycare Assistant

Triple dog owner and pet lover. Andy has been with us since 2017, helping walk the dogs and helping out in the field.

With a background of helping in rescue centres and volunteering on an animal ambulance, he is well versed in working with dogs.

Diesel Dog

Hooman Advisor on all things doggo

Diesel dog was a rescue from Cyprus and is a great asset to the team.

He welcomes all new doggos to the field and makes sure they are happy throughout.

He advises the hoomans on treats, play areas, training & general looning and zooming around.

His only fault is his ‘See Food, Grab it!” mentality. It’s in is nature due to his early life before being rescued and despite several training attempts we have learnt just not to leave tempting food around – control and management.




We are fully insured by Pet Business Insurance as dog walkers and as a dog daycare business. This covers Public Liability, loss of keys, care custody and control (liability to animals). Separately all our vehicles are fully insured to transport pets. Check out our blog post on general and transport insurance to see how many dog walkers think they are insured, but are not.


As key holders, we are fully CRB checked. Ask to see our certificate or check us out yourself. See our blog post on key holding

Who we are not!

We are not Hale Doggie Bus.

After several mentions from our clients it has come to our attention that one of our competitors has a potentially misleading logo on their van. The Dog Bus hoomans say they are not associated with Hale Doggie Bus nor have they licensed their trademark or name to this company!

We are not Hale Doggie Bus

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The dog bus offers a completely reliable and professional service and I am totally relaxed knowing my house keys are in safe hands. Dexter has been part of the ‘gang’ since a puppy and John’s training knowledge was an absolute bonus as he improved Dexters recall 100% in the first few weeks. Dexter has always enjoyed his days out and he’s absolutely exhausted when he arrives home.

John and the team are really flexible, even when I text asking if they can accommodate Dexter last minute! I would highly recommend the dog bus to anyone looking for a dog walker or home boarding – it’s great to know your pet is in the safe hands of someone who loves dogs, even if yours can be a bit excitable!

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