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Discover The Dog Bus: The Top Dog Daycare in Altrincham.

Attention all Manchester and Altrincham dog lovers!

When it comes to finding the best dog daycare in the Altrincham area, look no further than The Dog Bus, your community’s distinguished pet daycare establishment, well-known for providing top-tier affordable dog daycare options affordable dog daycare options. We offer a safe and secure dog daycare facility that caters from puppy daycare through to dog daycare for senior dogs, and included in the prices is our reliable dog daycare with pickup and drop-off service. This way you don’t have to worry about dog care while at work or the panic to get back before we close.

We offer full-day dog daycare or either morning or afternoon half-day dog daycare slots. considered the best outdoor daycare centre in the Altrincham area our Canine daycare services.

Check out our Adventure Dog Daycare field by clicking here and our Adventure Walks by clicking here

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Dog Daycare in Altrincham. Half Day and Full Day Slots

Available Days

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Available Slots – Half Day

9:00 am - 12:00 noon


3 hours – pick up from 7:30 am

12:00 noon - 15:00 hrs


3 hours – pick up from 10:30 am

Available Slots – Full Day

9:00am - 15:00 hrs


6 Hour Full Dog Care Care – pick up from 7:30 am

Features & Services:

🐾 Secure Seven Acre Adventure Field: An expansive playground in the heart of South Manchester, making it the perfect daycare for dogs in the Altrincham area.
🐾 Qualified and Experienced Team: Entrust your beloved pet to a team that prioritises their well-being.
🐾 Enrichment and Fun Zones: Altrincham’s outstanding local pet daycare option, ensuring tailored stimulation and fun.
🐾 Puppy and Chill Area: Distinct spaces designed for the little ones and those craving tranquillity.
🐾 Indoor Barn Space: The perfect shelter for every canine, reminiscent of the comfort of an indoor doggy house 
🐾 Half and Full Day Options: Flexibility for every pet parent’s schedule.
🐾 Inclusive dog Pickup and Drop Off: Our transportation solutions ensure your pet arrives in style and comfort.
🐾 Adventure Walks: Nature expeditions that every dog dreams of.

Why Choose The Dog Bus:

Reputation: Spearheaded by a harmonized team of adept dog walkers, trainers, and specialized supervisors.
Affordability: Premium care doesn’t mean breaking the bank.
Stay Connected: Daily snapshots of your furry friend’s escapades on Facebook.
Boundless Space: Seven lush acres waiting to be explored.
Effortless Booking: A user-friendly online booking experience.
Zero-Cost Consultation: Complimentary onboarding for every pet.
Consistency: A robust team dedicated to providing unwavering care.

Embrace a world of canine care where activities like Adventure Walks, Barkour Field endeavours, and Scent Enrichment Zone games come to life. Dive deeper into what we offer by navigating to our homepage.

For days filled with wagging tails and unbridled joy, trust The Dog Bus. We promise every bark is met with endless enthusiasm!